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Louisville court cases from 1899


I found this court docket from 1899 in the Courier-Journal. It paints an interesting portrait of our court system back then, as well as the language of newspaper and, well, it looks like they’d put just about anything in the paper then.

Unfortunately, the jpeg is really blurry, but I’ll transcribe. My pdf was clearer.

The notes in red are my own thoughts.



Administrator of Andrew Zimmerman Sues the L. and N. For $20,000 Damages.


Special Judge Wilson, who tried the case, delivered an oral opinion in the Criminal division yesterday overruling the motion of Walter Smith for a new trial of the case in which he was given twenty-one years for the murder of Louis Pruitt.

An appeal to the Court of Appeals was prayed and granted. Judge Wilson told him that he thought he should congratulate himself on the fact that the jury did not hang him. It was, said the court, a cold-blooded murder.

Wow! This judge pulls no punches!

The case attracted particular attention because of the fact that the defendant, in the prosecution of his motion, charged Jurors Banta and Babbitt with being professionals. Judge Wilson exonerated both gentlemen.

Heavy Damages Asked.

Suit for $20,000 damages was filed yesterday by John H. Weller, administrator of Andrew Zimmerman, against the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. It is alleged that Zimmerman was run down and killed by a train at Second and Water streets on November 10.

Henry Washington’s Case.

The case of Henry Washington, colored, who is charged with the killing of Newton Alexander, came up in the Police Court yesterday. The matter was passed till Tuesday.

Nothing Against Her.

Rosa French, colored, who was charged with stealing canary birds from Nicholas Burger, 240 E. Main street, was presented in the Police Court yesterday. There was nothing against her and she was dismissed.

Well, it’s good to know there was some justice for African-Americans back then. I mean, who steals canaries?

Abandonment Alleged.

Suit for divorce was filed yesterday by Annie Simons against Henry Simons. They were married in 1869. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant abandoned her more than one year ago.

Court Paragraphs.

— The will of Katherina Greweling, leaving her estate to her children, was probated.

— The Royal Mantel and Furniture Company sued the Albin company on a $216 account.

— The Schaefer-Meyer Brewing Company sued Nettie J. Fischer to enforce a $411 judgment.

— Suit to enforce a $101 mortgage was filed by R. H. Dorn against Annie Laux and others.

— A. Rosengarten, trustee, sued Mrs. Nettie J. Hockersmith, taking an order of delivery for a piano.

— There were 3,603 suits filed in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office during the year. The first was for a divorce petition and so was the last.

Seems like such a small amount now, but I guess the city was smaller and divorce was frowned upon at the time.

— Wm. Pate, charge with abstracting money from the cash drawer of O.E. Allison & Co., was dismissed in the Police Court yesterday.

Abstracting? Such weird language!

— James Laurer and Ben Hoffman, charged with the selling of liquor to a minor, were dismissed in the Police Court, the warrants being defective.

— Edmonia B. Shannon sued Willett C. Trabue for $820.18 damages elleged to have been sustained through his alleged vioplation of an agreement under which he, as an attorney, was handling a certain sum of money for her.

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